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I am a Crypto Trader, Stocks Investor, Personal Finance Enthusiast, Finance Youtuber, and an Online Entrepreneur.

I am well known for making YouTube videos on Personal Finance, Savings, Investments, Cryptocurrency, and the Stock Market.

I’ve had a passion for personal finance, savings, and investments since I was a teenager.

In October 2020, I started my YouTube channel to share my knowledge about these finance topics.

Today, my channel has over 85,000 subscribers and over 3,000,000 views.

Also, I am a member of the YouTube Black Voices Creator Class of 2023.

I also write finance blog posts on this website, and every Sunday I share personal finance tips, productivity tips, and real-life financial experiences through my newsletter.

I am the founder of Personal Finance Circle (a community created to educate people on personal finance).

I have also worked with some notable fintech brands on my channel like Trove, Keble, ByBit, Bitget, Squareroof, Remitano, Opay, DodoPay.

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One of my important goals in life is to add value to other peoples’ lives, and I’m happy this is happening through my social media platforms.

I will be so glad to have you join me on this journey as I plan to expand my audience so as to reach more people.