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5 Important Things to Know Before Investing Your Money

Investing in good assets is an excellent way of creating wealth for yourself. However, not all investments are legit; some are scams in disguise. Therefore, in this post, I'll reveal 5 things you need to know before investing......
Femi Olaniyan

Published November 5, 2022

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Investing your money in great assets is a great way of creating wealth for yourself. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of investment companies scamming investors of their hard-earned money, this means that not all investments are legit.

Some are created to scam people, while some are bad investments. So before you invest your money in anything, make sure you know these 5 things:

1. Have A Better Understanding Of The Investment

This is the most important aspect of investing your money. Never invest your money in something you know nothing about. A lot of people have invested their money in different things without understanding how the investment works, and this has made them lose their money.

For example, most of the new investors in crypto and stocks always lose their money because they fail to understand how cryptocurrencies work, or how the stock market works.

Some people are only investing their money in crypto and stocks because they hear that it’s making a lot of money for others, so they just put their money thinking they will also make a lot of money back without understanding how it works.

The fact that an investment is doing good now doesn’t mean it will continue to do good after you put your money. Always do your research. Make sure you do your research on any investment before you put your money into it.

2. Have An Emergency Fund

Before you start investing your money in anything, make sure you have an emergency fund. This is really important because you will have something to fall back on in case the investment doesn’t go as planned or as expected.

Every investment has its own risk, and remember that not all investments are guaranteed to bring you profits, you might lose your money in any investment. In order to avoid going broke or entering debt, an emergency fund will be there to save you.

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3. Diversify Your Investments

Diversifying your investments is a way of allocating investments across different financial instruments, assets, and other categories, in order to reduce risk and maximize returns. Putting your money in just one investment can really affect your investment portfolio badly.

Imagine you invest your money in just one stock, and the price of the stock drops rapidly, it will affect your investment capital and cause a huge drop in your money.

But when you invest in different stocks, and different investment categories, even when there is a drop in the value of one of the stocks or investments, it won’t show a noticeable drop in your investment portfolio. This is because you have other investments making profits for you.

5. Know Your Risk Tolerance

Risk tolerance is a measure of how much of a loss an investor is willing to endure within their portfolio. It also refers to the minimum amount of risk an investor has to tolerate in order to reach their investment goals, and it is relative to their age and income.

There are 3 types of risk tolerance; aggressive risk tolerance, moderate risk tolerance, and conservative risk tolerance.

Aggressive risk tolerance is for investors who are ready to take a high risk by investing in highly volatile assets. They have a maximum and deep understanding of the investment which helps them control their emotions and make good decisions in case of a crash.

Moderate risk tolerance is for investors who are willing to take some risk on their capital and still enable a balanced portfolio. They invest in medium-risk investments, dividend stocks, growth stocks, and large-company mutual funds.

Conservative risk tolerance is for investors who are ready to accept little or no loss in their investment portfolio. This is most common with old people or retirees. They invest in very low risk and guaranteed investments.

5. Invest In Yourself Before Anything

Investing doesn’t necessarily have to do with real estate, stocks, crypto, mutual funds, etc. Investing in yourself is also another important investment you can do.

It is the most profitable investment anyone can do. This is because you are the investor, you are the investment, so only you can know if the investment will go well or not.

It requires that you spend your time learning new things and creating value. You can also invest in yourself by starting a business or learning a skill.

These are the 5 important things you need to know before investing your money in anything.


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